About us

Inspiration in water

Everyday Luxury in Your home

This is the word that can best describe our enthusiasm for creating products that will be shown in the following pages. It has been twenty five years since I founded FAVORIT which has grown from a small family maufacture to what it is today. All the knowledge, all the skills and the best components known by the SPA world today have been woven into our SPA bathtubs.


How is it created


Our SPA bathtubs are constructed by cutting-edge machinery used in treatment and processing of so called king-size formats of acrylic sheets. With its 250 kW of installed power, and computerised surveillance, it guarantees that the 8mm-thick SPA acrylic sheet will transform its shape from flat to the exact shape of your SPA model. Furthermore, the molecular structure of the acrylic material will not change, which is very important for its durability and resistance to various weather conditions.

Roller-coaster machine

Completely automated, indispensable for creating spherical and arched shapes of our bathtub linings with a whole set of radii, or the bearing structure of our SPA model, for instance model EDEN with its millimetre precision.


Precisely guided by an operator, it will spray out exactly the amount of polyester needed and that with the components and temperature pre-prepared. This part of the production process will make your bathtub hard and resistant to twisting throughout its entire exploitation life.


A completely new trend in lamination and making SPA bathtubs stronger is already in our plant. Robotic arm, computer-controlled, meticulously puts on layer by layer of the new material, Poly-Stone.

Our SPA bathtub must be resistant to all weather conditions: the sun, the rain, the snow, and various kinds of radiation: UV, IR, UVB. Then there is water and chemical compounds present in the water that comes into contact with a SPA bathtub. We also take into consideration temperature changes ranging from -20˚C to +50˚C. All these above-mentioned factors can influence the quality and exterior of a SPA bathtub. Therefore, the exterior of our bathtubs is made of special SPA acrylic sheets that are definitely resistant to all previously mentioned factors. We supply them from the famous Austrian manufacturer SENOPLAST.

Enjoy constantly!

Whether you enjoy the privacy of your garden, or you are involved in renting beds in tourism, breakdowns happen suddenly and mostly unexpectedly, but the only important thing is to solve them as soon as possible. We are determined to provide you with this service package which will enable the right operation and returning to enjoyment within 72 hours from the moment your report of the malfunction is received.