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Discover Favorit SPA Features

SPA Control

Electronic control of work represents the “brain“ of each SPA bath. Guided by desire to make the use simple, intuitive and at the same time of good quality and long-lasting, we decided on Waterway electronic components. This USA product is entirely made on American soil, and it is the result of many years of work and the commitment of engineers and employees of the Waterway to monitor each component individually with continuous development and dictating trends.

touch control
eco smart
silent bowler
sound system
chromo therapy
smart system

Discover Favorit SPA Features


SPA Hydro pump

silent bowler
hydro pump

If we say that electronics is the brain of every SPA bath, then its PUMPS are undoubtedly the heart of the same. And that is why we decided on Waterway pumps for this component. The uncompromising American product with exceptional performance characteristics, guarantees long-term use. High flow power with 2 or 3 HP with economical power cosumption and SILENT characteristics, is a winning combination.

SPA Aero pump

silent bowler
aero pump

The high-power Aero pump, with an integrated thermal component, supplies each AIR jet individually with heated air. This is very important from the aspect of comfort and energy consumption for heating water. In addition, this our component is also with SILENT certificate.

SPA Circular pump

silent bowler
circulation pump

The Circular pump is one of the rare parts before which the demand for continuous operation is set. The whole mass of water, thanks to it, runs non-stop through filters and heaters and makes our SPA bath attractive for use and enjoyment. That is the reason why we also gave the trust to Waterway.

Pure water


spa uv lamp

UV lampa is an indispensable part of the equipment for clean and correct water in the SPA bath. UV rays will take care of a wide variety of bacteria that could be regular guest in the water without them.

SPA Ozone generator

ozone geneator

The Ozone generator from the intake air from the surrounding environment will compress oxygen and transform it into OZON. It will expand through all components to the farthest corner and make the water crystal clear and bacteria perfectly flawless. With its imperceptible but valuable work, the Ozon generator makes every use of our SPA bath stay in a perfect memory.

SPA Antibacterial filter

spa water filter

An Antibacterial Filter with active carbon. These very fine filter perforations are a physical dam for everyday products (leaves, grass, fine physical impurities) from the surrounding environment which are found during the day on the “water mirror“ of our bath.

SPA Hydro & Aero jets

hydro air jets

Hydro and aero jets as well as commands. Here, we also decided that our choice would be made by Waterway. Resistant to all weather conditions with years and years of use. Sounds simple just at first glance. Because the jets and commands represent something that is directly in contact with us and they must be of high quality, but at the same time they must be aesthetic decoration of the bath.


Hydro and aero jets kombo series by Waterway are the top of the world SPA offer. Nothing so far has been seen to spin so easily and cheerfully through the water, contributing to the experience of the massage being unrivaled and the visual effects of water movement are difficult to describe. Simply, it has to be tried because our pumps only show their full power with an almost silent operation of this kind of configuration. Incredibly good is maybe the best description.

SPA Heater

spa heater

The 3 KW HEATER is fully integrated into the electronic box and it is programmable at a level of 0.5 ̊C.


CHROMOTHERAPY - Since ancient times, the positive experience of light to our organism has been known. A very powerful spectrum of colour and strength will make an unusual game of bubbles and colours in front of your eyes. LED MINI LAMPS - Elegance in its splendid quality of manufacturing with chrome ring. The best recommendation is to use it in combination with CHROMOTHERAPY.

SPA Insulation

eco smart

To create energy efficient product and to preserve by programmes the selected water temperature with the least losses, we put these features very high on the list of priorities in creating a SPA bath. By filling the same, we get the comfort of using it and we also protect the components built into the bath. We achieved this by using high quality PU insulation of 10 mm impregnated with resistant layer of AL foil.

SPA Bearing Construction

wips frame

It is necessary to have a rigid but solid construction that will garantee years and years of usage. The possibility of moving your SPA bath, if necessary, from one place to another without torsion deformation and spinning, we achieved by carefully constructing the supporting frame and by selecting the material for the same.

No noise

In addition, it is very important that the supporting frame of our SPA bath does not transmit the sounds of the pumps or electronic components, that is, to avoid the effects of the frame of the resonant box.
HDS - High density stiren
SWF - Strong wood frame
The loadable frame made of solid wood cross section 40 by 40 mm and protected by Scandinavian coatings especially resistant to moisture.

SPA Coating

Aesthetics with high-use value is a requirement that must be fulfilled when the bath and all its circuits should be protected, or actually shielded. In order to fulfill the previous condition and to make the SPA bath itself an ornament in the space, we use a special coating named “Sinter-wood“.
Some of its features, besides the great look, are warmth, resistance to all weather conditions, no need for maintenance, acoustic dam, physical resistance...

Thermal covering

thermo covers

In smaller breaks, or when the season of using your bath is finished, your SPA bath should be protected with high quality thermal cover. Our thermal cover provides a quiet “winter sleep“ to your SPA bath.It has been made to suit the needs of a high density PU foam, coated with thermal PE foil and in the finishing process, all together in a synthetic leather cover, highly resistant to moisture and all kinds of radiation (UVA, IR, UVB) from the outside environment.


Tarpaulin with thermal cover is an indispensable detail for a quiet winter dream. It is custom made and highly waterproof. It completely rounds up the story of protection.


aroma therapy

Feel free to enjoy your favourite fragrance note. Deep relaxation and complete balance of mind and body with massage together with Aromatherapy on your SPA bath. Flower notes: cedar, citrus, eucalyptus, peach and much more.

Sound System

sound system

Favourite rhythm exactly in the style of your musical choice. Fast connection via Bluetooth. High quality sound, easy to use...


Water quality

water quality

Favourite rhythm exactly in the style of your musical choice. Fast connection via Bluetooth. High quality sound, easy to use...

On-line platform 24/7

smart system

Control the running of your SPA bath even when you are physically distant from it. Let the bath work through our on-line platform, with the desired temperature, the favourite style of operation of the hydro and aero pump, even though you are hundreds of kilometres away. Let your vacation start at the same time, on arrival, with a carefully filtered, timed play of light and bubbles in the water.

Service MAX 72h

servis 72h

Whether you enjoy the privacy of your garden, or you are involved in renting beds in tourism, breakdowns happen suddenly and mostly unexpectedly, but the only important thing is to solve them as soon as possible. We are determined to provide you with this service package which will enable the right operation and returning to enjoyment within 72 hours from the moment your report of the malfunction is received.